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Source: Barossa Herald

She might only be 17-years-old but Meg Eichmann from country SAis already a published author.

Publishing her first novel last year in June, the year 12 student from Willaston is a force to be reckoned with.

A sci-fi action drama her new book, The Order’s Experiments, follows two teenagers as they are taken from their dangerous lives on the streets to even darker, harder and more dangerous lives in the folds of the Order, a secret underground organisation.

Once in the Order characters Kyra and Fallen are trained to be warriors but as memories start to return to Fallen he slowly starts to find his humanity, and Kyra’s desperateness for human contact starts to destroy her as both try to find themselves in their new difficult world.

Undoubtedly over the moon to have her first novel published Meg said her next goal is to turn her winning state selection fiction long story Space Bird into a novel.

“Space Bird will be another sci-fi, but very different from The Order’s Experiments as it is based on both earth and an alien planet,” Meg said.

“The story follows the transformation of a recluse as she makes peace with herself, her past, her identity and her place in the universe.”

Always a bit of a daydreamer Meg’s passion for writing began when she in year six and started writing longer pieces.

“I get into a greater passion with my ideas, and became more absorbed in the stories I had come up with and getting them down on paper just seemed like a way to make them last longer,” she said.

“My inspiration for The Order’s Experiments came from my fascination with the underground.

“Several books and shows about it interested me, the idea of having a completely different set of rules to live by and the strange freedom and entrapment of the lifestyle was interesting to me.

“However I also really just wanted to question things.

“I wanted to see how much of our morality I could question and warp from putting my characters in unusual circumstances.

“I wanted a world where it almost became selfish to be moral, to challenge all the ideas constantly thrown at us in literature and film today.

“In a sense I think I also channelled my teenage rebellion into this book, I was able to use it to question parts of society and popular belief I wasn’t sure about.”

After graduating from high school Meg intends on attending university before going off to travel and write.

Meg Eichmann.

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